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AAA Ocean Jasper Bowl

AAA Ocean Jasper Bowl

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Introducing our Ocean Jasper Bowl from Madagascar – a magnificent blend of geological beauty and metaphysical prowess. This large handcrafted bowl showcases the mesmerizing circular patterns and rich hues of Ocean Jasper, a rare and sought-after variety found exclusively along the shores of Madagascar. Beyond its aesthetic allure, this bowl is celebrated for its spiritual and healing properties, believed to promote inner peace, emotional balance, and heart chakra activation. Place it in your living space to effortlessly elevate the decor, transforming any room into a sanctuary of serenity and sophistication. Whether used as a centerpiece, meditation aid, or mindful accent, the Ocean Jasper Bowl serves as a tangible reminder to embrace life's ever-changing currents, fostering resilience and adaptability. Invite the essence of Madagascar's coastal wonders into your home with our Ocean Jasper Bowl – a harmonious blend of geological marvel and spiritual serenity, designed to inspire and uplift both your living space and your soul.


Ocean Jasper is a variety of orbicular jasper, a type of chalcedony, and its chemical composition is primarily silicon dioxide (SiO2), the same as other types of quartz. What distinguishes Ocean Jasper is its unique orb-like patterns and vibrant colors, created by the presence of various minerals and inclusions during its formation. The exact composition can vary, but it often includes elements like iron, manganese, and trace minerals. The characteristic orbs and colorful swirls within the stone make Ocean Jasper a sought-after material for lapidary art and jewelry. This variety of jasper is admired for its captivating patterns reminiscent of ocean landscapes and is believed by some to have soothing and nurturing energies.

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