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AA Black Obsidian Tumble

AA Black Obsidian Tumble

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Unveil the mystique of our Black Obsidian Tumble – a gem forged in the fiery depths of the Earth, radiating both elegance and protective energy. Meticulously crafted from the volcanic glass born of intense heat and rapid cooling, each tumble captures the essence of primordial forces. Feel the smooth, tactile allure of Black Obsidian in your hands as it becomes your talisman against negative energies. This sleek, jet-black gem is believed to mirror your deepest desires and empower your spiritual journey by fostering clarity and resilience. Elevate your energy field and embark on a path of self-discovery with our Black Obsidian Tumble – where ancient volcanic energy meets contemporary spiritual exploration. Welcome this powerhouse of positivity into your collection and let its grounding presence guide you towards transformation and balance.



Black obsidian is a volcanic glass with a chemical composition primarily consisting of silica (SiO2). Its dark color is often attributed to mineral impurities like iron and magnesium. Rapid cooling of lava during volcanic eruptions gives obsidian its glassy texture. The absence of crystalline structure distinguishes it as an amorphous solid. Widely used historically for tools and ornaments, black obsidian's sharp edges and distinctive appearance make it a unique and fascinating natural material.

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