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56.85 Ct AA Ethiopian Opale Rough

56.85 Ct AA Ethiopian Opale Rough

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Embark on a journey of ethereal beauty with our 56.85 Ct AA Ethiopian Opal Rough – a treasure from the heart of the mystical Ethiopian mines. This extraordinary gem, boasting mesmerizing play-of-color and an impressive carat weight of 56.85 , is a testament to the unparalleled allure of Ethiopian opals. Perfect for lapidary enthusiasts, this AA-grade rough promises a world of creative possibilities, where each cut and polish reveals the hidden spectrum of colors within. Unlock the potential of this opulent gemstone, valued not only for its intrinsic beauty but also for its exceptional lapidary potential. Elevate your gemstone collection and let the magic of Ethiopian opals ignite your imagination. Embrace the rarity and value encapsulated in every facet of our 56.85 Ct AA Ethiopian Opal Rough, where lapidary dreams come to life.


Our 56.85 Ct AA Ethiopian Opal Rough is a captivating marvel formed from the enchanting chemical composition of hydrated silicon dioxide (SiO2·nH2O). This unique opal, hailing from the renowned Ethiopian mines, showcases its stunning play-of-color due to the intricate arrangement of silica spheres within its structure. The mesmerizing hues of red, blue, and green are brought to life by the diffraction of light, creating a kaleidoscopic dance. As an uncut gem, this opal rough bears the raw beauty of nature's artistry, inviting you to explore the fascinating world of its chemical makeup and unrivaled brilliance.



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